Inverloch - Anderson Inlet

Kiteboarding Wind & Weather Report

Report Updated:
Monday 23rd Jul 5:13pm
Inverloch Weather:
Tides @ Inverloch Pier:
Low 1:10am, High 8:16am, Low 1:31pm, High 7:50pm
Water Temp:
Inverloch Swell:
Russ on his Christmas break - Invy 2013 Invy on the low tide Photo: Rob Kas - Devo on home turf Anderson Inlet Vicco

Victoria's Anderson Inlet situated at Inverloch is one of the states finest kite boarding locations. Kite boarders of all levels and various kiting styles love this location. It provides ideal shallow flat water right through to wave riding out at the Inlet mouth.

Check daily for the updated Kite boarding weather report.

Inverloch 3 Day Wind Prediction
Inverloch wind forecast

Data Source: BOM & Kitebom weather station @ Anderson Inlet Angling Club

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Kiting @ Inverloch and Altona